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We Are AYSO 1521


Why choose AYSO?

AYSO is child-first and child focused. We are a soccer organization with happy, healthy kids as our passion.

Every decision, every rule and every program has "what's good for kids" as its basis. Every girl and boy stepping on a soccer field for the first time can have fun. AYSO's child-first approach also makes it one of the finest player development programs. Everybody likes to win, but developing successful players and people is what's fundamental in AYSO.

Winning isn't everything, and it shouldn't be. On any given set of games, only half or less will walk away with a win. So we focus on the more important aspect of the beautiful game... Player Development. Every player plays at least 1/2 of a game (with certain exceptions). This means that your child won't be riding the bench and never getting touches on the ball.  It also means we encourage each player to explore the various positions of a soccer team. In AYSO we build fully rounded soccer players, not Left Defensive Backs or Right Midfielders.

AYSO has age appropriate small-sided games. A full size soccer team has 11 players on the field. But smaller-sided teams for younger children allow more touches on the ball and a more successful soccer learning environment.


PARENT’S CODE:  Your role in AYSO 

In AYSO, boys and girls learn good sportsmanship and self-discipline. They learn how to  work together, to sacrifice for the good of the team, to enjoy winning and deal with defeat all while becoming physically fit and healthy. Best of all, they have fun! 

As a parent, you have a special role in contributing to the needs and development of these  youngsters. Through your encouragement and good example, you can help assure the  effectiveness of the AYSO program. Here's how: 

Support Your Child 

It's important that you support your child by giving encouragement and showing an  interest in his or her team. Help your child work toward skill improvement and good  sportsmanship in every game. Teach your child that hard work and an honest effort are  often more important than victory. Your child will be a winner, even in defeat. 

Always Be Positive 

Parents are not participants on their child's team. However, they do contribute to the  success experienced by their child and the team, Parents serve as role models for their  children. Become aware of this and work to be positive models. Applaud good plays by  your child's team AND by members of the opposing team. Support all efforts to remove  verbal and physical abuse from youth sporting activities. 

Be Enthusiastic and Supportive 

Remember that your child is playing soccer. It's important to let children establish  their own goals, to play the game for themselves. Be careful not to impose your own  standards and goals on your child. Don't put too heavy a burden on your child to win  games. Surveys reveal that 72 percent of children would rather play for a losing team than  ride the bench for a winner. Children play for the fun of playing. 

Reinforce Positive Behavior 

The best way to help a child to achieve goals and reduce the natural fear of failure is  through positive reinforcement. No one likes to make a mistake. If your child does make  one, remember that he or she is still learning. Encourage your child's efforts and point out  the good things your child accomplished. 

Let Coaches Coach and Referees Ref 

Coaches and referees are usually parents. They volunteer their time to help make your  child's youth soccer experience a positive one. They need your support, too. What  coaches and referees do NOT need is your help in coaching from the sidelines. So  please refrain from coaching during games and practices.  

If you would like to become a coach or referee, please let us know, we always need  more help. Referees are not the bad guys. They are volunteers, too, and need your  support.Treat them and their calls fairly and respectfully.



Each player must be dressed as follows for each game: 

(Uniforms are to be worn for games, not for practice). 

*A. Jersey tucked into shorts.
(Please take care of it by washing it in warm water  and drying it in a warm, NOT HOT, dryer. Do not iron it. 
Do not add or alter it other than sizing.)

 B. Shorts  

 C. Shin guards are mandatory (practices and games). 

 D. Soccer cleats (shoes with rubber or plastic molded cleats) or sneakers only for practice. Cleats must be worn for games! Metal cleats are not permitted. 

E. Socks pulled up over shin guards. 

F. Mouth pieces are strongly recommended for players wearing braces.

G. Eyeglass restraining straps are required. 

***These items are supplied for each player by the league***
Jersey, Shorts and Socks

Players cannot wear bracelets, earrings, wrist watches, barrettes or any other such  hard objects including a cast or splint which could cause injury to themselves or another  player. The referee will check players before each game. 

Your child should be encouraged to practice with a ball of the size appropriate to their  age. Ages 5 to 7, a size "3". Ages 8 to 11, a size "4". Ages 12 and over, a size "5". 

You can help your child's coach by making yourself known and thanking them for their  interest. Support the coach's request that your child be on time for practice and games.  Remember that the coaches volunteer their time to help your child and need your help  and cooperation. 

The Referee is entitled to the highest respect. His/her mistakes (and there will be mistakes), shall be accepted WITHOUT COMPLAINT. Please give them the respect and  understanding to which they are entitled. 

The region and the children need your participation. Go to the games. PARENTAL  SUPPORT is crucial. Above all, be tolerant of the children's mistakes and weaknesses.  When you are at the game, cheer for the team, not just your own child. If they enjoy it  and have fun, they'll want to play it to the best of their ability. 

***Remember, all our coaches and referees are volunteers. If you are unhappy with their  performance, maybe next season you should volunteer and see how you do, we always  need new volunteers! ***

As all of the coaches in AYSO are volunteers, times of practice will be left to their  discretion, and at their convenience. Each player must arrange to arrive on time and be  picked up on time.  

Games are to be played according to the schedule distributed in advance. Games are played  weather permitting, unless notified to the contrary by the Regional Commissioner at least  one hour prior to the starting time. Practice sessions may be canceled or rescheduled at the  discretion of the coach or Regional Commissioner. All games will be played on Saturdays.  Practices are Monday through Friday and can begin as early as 5:30 PM. 

With so many children playing soccer on so many teams, it is virtually impossible for  AYSO to be flexible about practice and game conflicts with Non-AYSO activities. This  includes requests for friends to be on the same team. Requests for brothers or sisters in the  same age group (same gender) to play on the same team will be honored. Player transfers to  accommodate schedule conflicts WILL NOT BE HONORED.  

The aim of the region and AYSO is to operate a soccer program where young people can  learn to develop a positive self-image, self-confidence and other positive character traits  through their interest and participation in soccer based on our six philosophies. Everyone  engaged in sporting competition should have a desire to win. This desire will not be  pursued in this organization to the detriment of sportsmanship, fair play, and participation. AYSO is a parent-based voluntary organization and provides a soccer experience for  our own children. Enrollment of your child in our program implies responsibility to the team. 


Your child is guaranteed to play at least 50% of each game, regardless of his/her level of  skill or aptitude, however NO CHILD on the team may play the whole game unless every  child has played at least three quarters, provided that the child: 

* attends scheduled practice sessions 

* arrives at the playing field for scheduled game prepared to play  

 in proper uniform, proper shoes, etc. 

* is not under disciplinary suspension, 

* is not physically handicapped due to illness or injury. 

Soccer is an ideal sport for kids to have fun with.  

That's because on the field, the players should be pretty much on their own. There is a difference between soccer and  other sports. Coaches should not be calling every shot in  soccer, like they are in American football, baseball or basketball.  

Soccer is a player's game!

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